Adoption of Eclipse RCP to build Rich Graphical User Interfaces for the Space domain (ground segment systems)

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Standard [35 minutes]

GMV is a world provider of products for the ground segment of space missions. Some years ago, GMV selected Eclipse RCP as the technology to build new Graphical User Interfaces for several of these products, replacing the GUI technologies used previously (such as C++/Ilog Views, Tcl/Tk and Java/Swing).

This presentation will describe how the migration to Eclipse RCP was performed, the main challenges and difficulties encountered and the lessons learnt in the process. The presentation will describe the main aspects addressed, including:
- The rationale for the selection of Eclipse RCP and the steps taken for its adoption.
- The definition of a common and coherent architecture for the different applications, including a service abstraction layer to decouple them from their respective back-ends.
- The definition of a common look&feel and application concept, based on the application of GUI Guidelines and the reuse of common GUI elements.
- The need for real-time display of satellite data in graphs and tabular panels, maps, mimic diagrams, etc., with demanding performance requirements.
- The need to synchronize document-based Software User Manuals and Eclipse Online Help.
- The need to achieve high mission/application-specific configurability of the applications, and the different decisions taken.
- The implementation of a generic build system (using Ant and PDE first, later Maven and Tycho).
- The way ahead: Eclipse 4, RAP, new applications (3D models of space and planets, GIS, ...), etc.

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6 June 13:30 - 14:05


Eclipse in the Industry
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