Accepted Sessions

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4DIAC - A Framework for Distributed Industrial Automation and Control
Alois Zoitl [fortiss GmbH]
Track: Cool Stuff

Manufacturing industries are currently going through a transitional phase from mass production to low volume high variant production. In order to cope with this paradigm change new ways of operating...

Adoption of Eclipse RCP to build Rich Graphical User Interfaces for the Space domain (ground segment systems)
Rosa María García Casado [GMV], Manuel Casado [GMV]
Track: Eclipse in the Industry

GMV is a world provider of products for the ground segment of space missions. Some years ago, GMV selected Eclipse RCP as the technology to build new Graphical User Interfaces for several of these...

Advanced use of the Android Development Tools (ADT plugin)
Julien Del Rio [LevelUp Studio], Julien Reynaud [SII]
Track: Mobile and Web Development

With this workshop discover the advances possibilities with Android Development Tools (ADT plugin).
An Eclipse true story: Embedded systems design from UML modelling down to system simulation
chafic jaber [M3systems], Yann Leclerc [M3 Systems]
Track: Cool Stuff

By adopting virtual platforms design concepts for system architecture development, analysis, optimization, verification, and validation; embedded systems can be completed sooner and with higher...

Bringing the power of Eclipse to VHDL designers
Hendrik Eeckhaut [Sigasi]
Track: Eclipse in the Industry

Digital hardware designers develop state-of-the-art chips that perform extremely complex tasks at high speeds. Sadly they rely on antiquated tools to create those very chip designs. The most popular...

Building an in-house Eclipse support team
Pascal Rapicault [Ericsson / Rapicorp], Emilio Palmiero [Ericsson]
Track: Eclipse in the Industry

For now 5 years, Ericsson has been providing its development teams with an in-house Eclipse support group whose mandate is to smoothen the distribution of Eclipse and help our 10,000 users with their...
Components are not enough: Function oriented development for embedded systems.
Andreas Graf [itemis], Samira Salman [BMW Group]
Track: Eclipse in the Industry

Currently, the development processes for software in automotive are focused on the concept of "components". However, due to the increasing complexity and interdependence, this approach is reaching...
Design: Making the World Simple, Fair, and Beautiful
Dominique Sciamma
Track: Cool Stuff

The Age of Enlightenment carried promises of emancipation for everybody. If it brought about our democracies, it also allowed our industrial, economic and social revolutions, using technology as a...
Develop a complete M2M application with Koneki and Mihini
Gaetan Morice [Sierra Wireless], Laurent Barthelemy [Sierra Wireless], Benjamin CABE [Sierra Wireless]
Track: Eclipse in the Industry

The Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group is delivering tools and frameworks for building M2M applications, and this workshop aims at giving you a hands-on experience that you'll never forget :-) In...
Embedded Software Development with C for the next decade
Bernd Kolb
Track: Cool Stuff

Over the next decade, how will the embedded world be different? As the competitive pressure increases, time to market is reduced and product variability skyrockets, the need for tools that can be...
Exposing M2M to the REST of us
Matteo Collina
Track: Cool Stuff

In the ”Internet of Things” (IoT) vision the physical world blends with virtual one, while machine-to-machine interaction improve our daily life. Clearly, how these virtual objects are exposed to us...
Git & EGit beginner Workshop
Vincent LALANNE [Akka], Igor Laborie [AKKA], Matthias Sohn [SAP AG]
Track: Cool Stuff

Good news: Matthias Sohn (JGit & EGit co-leader) joining us for the talks. Guaranteed without any command line ! This tutorial helps you to get started with Git inside Eclipse. It explains the...

How beginners took on the RCP framework!
LUGAN Anne-Laure [EADS Astrium], Igor Laborie [AKKA]
Track: Eclipse in the Industry

Cool it's time to start your brand new project, but build a great Eclipse RCP project with industrial constraints is not that easy !

How CERN scaled up Eclipse for the LHC
Donat Csikos [CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research], Jed Anderson [Genuitec, LLC]
Track: Eclipse in the Industry

You read the name CERN and imagined thousands of physicists attempting to discover the origins of the universe. Empowering those experimental physicists are many hundred physicists, engineers and...
How E4 helped our Scrum team to produce quickly a full E4 application for our GNSS engineers
Cyrille FRANCOIS [Silicom], Philippe EUGENE [Silicom]
Track: Eclipse in the Industry

The last year we've had to choose between a target platform : E3, E4 and E4 with compatibility layer for our new industrial application developed by an Agile/Scrum team for GNSS engineers. One...

It's all about feedback - code review as a great tool in the agile toolbox
Matthias Sohn [SAP AG], Stefan Lay [SAP AG]
Track: Eclipse in the Industry

Agile software engineering practices like Pair Programming, Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration have one thing in common: They help the team to get feedback as fast as possible. In...
Let's code a JavaFX application with Eclipse
Sébastien Bordes [JRebirth OSS]
Track: Cool Stuff

Let's code a JavaFX application with our favorite IDE : Eclipse ! Are you ready to discover the power of the brand new JavaFX graphical Toolkit. After this workshop you won't want to code...
Live collaborative modeling goes industrial
Matthieu Helleboid [Thales], Stephane Bonnet [Thales]
Track: Eclipse in the Industry

The facts: collaborating on models through a configuration management tool is a burden Using SCM (Software Configuration Management) tools to collaborate around models is a productivity killer: Diff...
Making Raspberry Pi with eTrice
Thomas Schuetz [Protos Software GmbH]
Track: Eclipse in the Industry

Many makers of things face similar problems like embedded developers in industries, such as automotive, automation or telecommunication. The modeling toolchain provided by the Eclipse project eTrice...
Migration RCP application to Eclipse 4. What should we do ?
Olivier Prouvost [OPCoach]
Track: Cool Stuff

Since June 2012, Eclipse 4.2 has become Eclipse's official architecture and many people are considering migrating to this new version. But what does it involve exactly? What's new and what's missing...

Now that I've Got a Model - Where's my Application? (Part 1)
Eike Stepper [ES - Computersysteme]
Track: Eclipse in the Industry

Models are efficient for capturing enterprise knowledge at a high level of abstraction, independent of technical concerns. Using the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) I can generate an Eclipse editor...
Now that I've Got a Model - Where's my Application? (Part 2)
Eike Stepper [ES - Computersysteme]
Track: Eclipse in the Industry

The first part of the presentation has focussed on the pluggable storage layer for a scalable, transactional and distributed application and this second part will focus on a responsive user interface.
Orion deployed: Orion goes from prototype to production
John Arthorne [IBM Canada]
Track: Mobile and Web Development

Two years ago Orion was first introduced as a new project at Eclipse. The early focus of the project was to articulate the vision and client side integration architecture, with less emphasis on...
OSGi: Don't let me be Misunderstood
Mikael Barbero [Obeo]
Track: Cool Stuff

I have a confession to make: OSGi is not easy. Initially, it was the acronym for Open Services Gateway initiative. Yet this did not help a lot to understand what is OSGi. It does stand for anything...
OSLC tool integration tutorial: using linked data to support engineering lifecycle collaboration
Jean-Luc Johnson [EADS], Matthieu Helleboid [Thales], Olivier Lacroix [EADS]
Track: Eclipse in the Industry

This workshop presents how OSLC can help to build seamlessly a tool platform tailored to an embedded system development process. Many challenges remain in complex system development: collaboration...
Polarsys and LTS: Taming the maintenance and sustainability beasts.
Gael Blondelle [Obeo], Jutta Bindewald [SAP], Pat Huff , Jochen Krause , Andrew Ross
Track: Community and Business Models

Software tools and tool chains, including all integrated Open Source components, usually have to be supported for many years, sometimes for decades when they are used for the development of embedded...
Scala in Eclipse, Eclipse in Scala
Luc Bourlier [Typesafe]
Track: Cool Stuff

Scala IDE is the support for developping elegant Scala applications and plug-ins.
Sirius By Example: Build Your Own Diagram, Table and Tree Editors in 20 Minutes
Pierre-Charles David [Obeo], Alex Lagarde [Obeo], Stephane Bonnet [Thales]
Track: Cool Stuff

Sirius is a field-proven technology recently accepted as an official Eclipse project. It allows the easy and rapid development of custom graphical modelers (diagrams, tables, cross-tables, trees...
Software Quality: the Eclipse Way and Beyond
Boris Baldassari [SQuORING Technologies], Flavien Huynh [SQUORING Technologies]
Track: Eclipse in the Industry

Defining software quality is a tough subject of debate in the software community. It is nevertheless a required first step in the improvement process and a common agreement has to be established if...

The Humanist Perspective of Industry 4.0
Hans-Jürgen Kugler
Track: Eclipse in the Industry

History shows that technological innovations often have more power to change society than politics. The Internet of Things will be such a force for change – essentially abolishing the industries we...
The Requirements Modeling Framework - a puzzle piece for Eclipse-based Systems Engineering
Michael Jastram [Formal Mind GmbH], Tristan Faure [Atos], Raphael Faudou
Track: Eclipse in the Industry

Eclipse was initially designed as an inte­grated development environment for Java, and later for software in general. But it recently gained attention in the area of systems engineering. A number...
Tycho: the mandatory tool to build your Eclipse based product
Jeff MAURY [SYSPERTEC], Mickael Istria [JBoss, by Red Hat]
Track: Cool Stuff

An in-depth workshop demonstrating the added value of using Tycho when developing Eclipse based products. The following topics will be covered Build your first Tycho based product Use Tycho...
Unleash the power of scientific research - an industrial challenge
Philip Wenig [OpenChrom]
Track: Community and Business Models

A long time ago, there were polymaths like Sokrates, Aristoteles, Galileo and some other genius minds. God bless those who are not mentioned here. Then nothing really happened for a while. Eventually...
What Every Embedded Developer Should Know About TCF
Emmanuel [Wind River]
Track: Eclipse in the Industry

You might know TCF as a flexible infrastructure for embedded target communication. But did you know that it also includes a commercial-grade C/C++ debugger, a Python API, Lua scripting and Target...
WTFM! Write The Friendly Manual with Mylyn Intent
Alex Lagarde [Obeo], Cedric Brun [Obeo]
Track: Cool Stuff

Want your team and users to RTFM? Start by writing a better FM! Documentation sucks because most of the time it's outdated: it never reflects the recent changes you made on your software, and sooner...