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Alain Bernard Airbus
Aircraft Performances Modelling Engineer, Writer on
Alain Le Guennec
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Alex Lagarde Obeo
Software Engineer
Alois Zoitl fortiss GmbH
Research Group Leader Industrial Automation
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Andreas Graf itemis
Business Development Manager Automotive
AUTOSAR, EAST-ADL, Artop, EAtop, systemsengineering, Automotive, Aero, Space
Andreas Rytina
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Anne Jacko The Eclipse Foundation
Conference Queen
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Benjamin CABE Sierra Wireless
Open Source Evangelist - Koneki and Mihini project lead
M2M, IoT, Lua, Community, Koneki, Mihini, Arduino, Open-Source Hardware
Bernd Kolb
Boris Baldassari SQuORING Technologies
Software Engineer
Software Engineering, Data Mining, Software Development Methods and Tools, Dutch barges.
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RCP architect & software developper
Camille Letavernier
Carlos Ledezma Airbus Operations SAS
Databases, parallel & distributed systems, algorithms, aritficial intelligence, machine learning, mobile applications, C/C++, Java, Python, computer security, underwater rugby
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chafic jaber M3systems
Research engineer
Embedded systems, modeling, performance analysis
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Cristian Flower Platform / Crispico
Head of Flower Platform development team
modeling, emf, uml, git, collaboration, cdo
David Festal SERLI
JavaEE and Middleware senior engineer
software architecture, language analysis and transformation, middleware and distributed systems.
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Donat Csikos CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research
Software Engineer, DevOps team member
Java, Eclipse, RCP, e4, EMF, Spring, development tools, Modeling
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Doug Clarke Oracle Canada
Director of Product Management
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Ed Merks itemis
Eclipse Modeling Project Lead
Eclipse, Modeling
Edward Willink Willink Transformations Ltd.
Emmanuel Wind River
Senior Engineering Manager
Fabien F.
Software Engineer
Eclipse RCP, Modeling, EMF, Xtext, Git
Fabien Toral
Fabien Vignal Sysord
Software Engineer
EMF, Modeling, Eclipse Platform, RCP Eclipse
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Flavien Huynh SQUORING Technologies
Software Architect
Florent Bonamis
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Gael Blondelle Obeo
Business Developer, Polarsys spokesperson
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Gaetan Morice Sierra Wireless
Embedded Tools Manager
M2M, IoT, Lua, Koneki, Mihini, Clojure
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guillaume rousseau
gwendal lohezic
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Hugo Bruneliere Inria / Mines Nantes
R&D Engineer
Software Engineering, Modeling, Reverse Engineering, Enterprise Architecture, Eclipse
Software Development Engineer and Technical Expert
Ignacio Garro
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Igor Laborie AKKA
Software Architect / Senior Developper
Eclipse RCP, JavaEE, Scala, Git, Geeking in general
Ilias Belaidi Cerner Corporation
Software Architect
Eclipse RCP, Spring
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Istvan Rath Budapest University of Technology and Economics
research expert
Eclipse, Eclipse development, high performance computing, modeling, model queries, pattern matching, model transformations, databases, model repositories, model-driven software engineering
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Jean Lestang
Jean-Luc Johnson EADS
Jean-Michel Bruel University of Toulouse / IRIT Laboratory

Model-Based Systems Engineering, Agile developments, Model-Driven Engineering, UML/SysML
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Jed Anderson Genuitec, LLC
Development Manager
Eclipse provisioning, p2, Plugin development, Eclipse RCP, Secure Delivery Center, Pulse
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Jeremías Sauceda EnSoft Corp.
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Jeremie Bresson BSI Business Systems Integration AG
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John Arthorne IBM Canada
Senior Software Developer
Jonah Graham Kichwa Coders Ltd
Freelance Programmer
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Julien Del Rio LevelUp Studio
Android, mobile development, mobile monetization
Julien Reynaud SII
Consultant Engineer
Android Dev, (Motor)biking, Aikido
Julien Vermillard
Jutta Bindewald SAP
Development Manager