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The current state of JavaFX UI development will be explained from the developer perspective, with an inventory of existing development resources and the continuation of JavaFX in a free ecosystem. With the release of the OpenJFX and the decoupling of the Oracle JDK, the Java module system has created new possibilities for the integration of JavaFX modules into OpenJDK. The companies involved in the JavaFX ecosystem are creating additional functionalities and shaping the transition from active Oracle engineering to the year 2022, thereby securing the long-term technological viability of JavaFX. The organizational developer participation takes place via the OpenJDK and from there the open source software could be redistributed. Depending on the expertise of the respective development projects, the involved development companies offer independent support and thus close the gap to new innovative JavaFX features and customer requirements that go beyond the current state of development. JavaFX support is available with the commercial Java SE subscription for JDK 8 (LTS) until March 2025 and could be extended as desired.

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The JavaFX client is mostly found at enterprises in a small niche with about 5% use instead of web usage. These companies wants to have the Java desktop cause of the instant user experience with the direct feeling of pushing a key or button. JavaFX fat clients are written in the Java language with a central control and provide all technical language benefits from look & feel, security towards calculation in the common source code. JavaFX desktop clients are used by aviation companies, space & defense, medical surgical areas, banking & brokerage, call center solutions, design & construction and science. Conclusion: “With JavaFX you don’t need to mix the layers with different techniques at the user interface and at the pure code level.”
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