Quarkus the shrink ray to your Cloud Native Java Applications

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Historically Java was able to handle the biggest enterprise problem(s) with its Write once,run anywhere(WORA) paradigm. With Cloud Native Applications grown to popularity, things like running applications as linux containers, serverless taking centre stage -- Java was pushed back by languages like golang, node.js as the forerunner to build Cloud Native Applications as they are smaller, quicker and arguably more nimble.

In this session we will see how the birth of Quarkus is bringing back the crown to Java as defacto language to build the enterprise applications. This demo filled session will start to explore how to create, build and deploy Cloud Native Java Applications using Quarkus. The Java applications built this way are tiny as a subatomic particle(Quark) and tend to boot and run at supersonic speed. 

The session also shows Quarkus as a "Developer's Joy" with things like live reload, building interactive database applications with Hibernate. With out of the box MicroProfile support and with its plethora of extensions like SmallRye OpenTracing, SmallRye Metrics, Vert.x, Camel, Kubernetes the developers are going to find developing applications with Java and Java EE is going to awesome forever!

Objective of the presentation: 
The main objective of the session so introduce Java Developers to Qarkus[https://quarkus.io] a new Java runtime that helps developers build and run super small and very fast Cloud Native Java Applications. With both JVM mode and Native Mode ( using Graal VM) the developers now have a choice of how they want to deploy their Java Application(s).
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- Java8 ( MicroProfile knowledge helps) - Docker - Kubernetes (optional)

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