ModernJava : Do you want to know-it-all?

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Modern Java is about the most current paradigms and practices in Java, We will see how this 2-decades-oldie is giving a fight with the younger languages by adapting to what the developers need at present. I’ll touch upon the concepts like Functional programming, Java Reactive programming, Modularity, Streams, JPMS, Jshell which are promising a lot of things. See what Valhalla, Coin and Amber— Means for everyday Java Developer.

With code examples, I will show the simple steps one could take to modernize their existing java application by leveraging the best of what modern core Java has to offer.


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Basic Java knowledge is all that is required the rest i'll take them a tour on.

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They'll be able to apreciate what and why modernization is important, how they can take steps/do code changes to start modernizing their Java application so as to keep up with Java's release cadance and EOS. 


Objective of the presentation: 
We shall be seeing, Since 4 years ago, what exactly is the buzz around Modernizing Java? What are the Java developer community Vs other competing communities saying? Does JDK have it all to reach the goal? Is there any benefit for you in all this and if so how?
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