Java 12++ and Eclipse Java Development Tools: Yield to this Roller Coaster Ride with no Breaks!

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Java 12 is a major milestone in the history of Java.  For the first time a preview feature is available to the user with a full release and this is only a start! Preview features are going to be the driving force for major changes in Java in an incremental fashion. This allows “ordinary” users of Java to play a role in shaping the Java of the future without much additional effort. Eclipse Java Development Tools (JDT) is the vehicle for Eclipse IDE users to try out these modern features. However, the road to Java 12 was not a rosy ride from the JDT perspective– but a bumpy roller coaster ride at best with the challenges associated with shorter Java release cycles. Features were planned, modified, or moved out completely in comparatively shorter time frames, with the preview features framework providing a safety net.

This talk will cover the Java 12 and Java 13 features, including new forms of switches, strings and more in detail from a Java developer’s point of view with occasional glimpses into the internals and challenges at hand. Eclipse JDT’s enhancements for these features will also be covered via a live demo. The talk also plans to discuss some of the upcoming features that use the existing features as building blocks. Last, but not least, it will discuss how a developer can play a part in shaping up the new features in Java.

Only a beginner level understanding of Java is assumed in this talk.

 At the end of the session, primary takeaways would include

(1) the knowledge of the latest and greatest features of Java as of date

(2) the know-how of the features in Eclipse Java Development Tooling that help the programmers to use these features, and

(3) awareness of how a Java programmer can have a say in the new features in Java with ease.  


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To equip the attendees with the knowledge of what are the modern features available in Java 12 and above, how Eclipse can help them in using these features in their programs efficiently.
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Basic familiarity with Java language and Eclipse is desired.
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