Event Driven IoT - Serverless Functions for OSGi

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In an ever increasing race to increase scalability, reduce configuration and decrease hosting costs “Serverless” computing promises to run your business logic “on demand” without the need for fixed infrastructure. As a dynamic, modular platform OSGi makes an ideal platform upon which to deploy your serverless functions. Furthermore, OSGi’s Requirements and Capabilities model allows for more complex serverless functions to be dynamically assembled and deployed in response to incoming events.

This unique combination of features is used by the BRAIN-IoT project to provide a revolutionary dynamic IoT environment, able to automatically discover and talk to new devices, deploy controller logic on demand, and recover resiliently in the event of failure. This talk will describe how BRAIN-IoT makes use of asynchronous eventing, OSGi Remote Services, and the OSGi Requirements and Capabilities model to dynamically assemble and control real-world IoT applications. 



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This talk will use BRAIN-IoT, an EU Horizon 2020 funded project, as an example of an OSGi-based IoT platform capable of deploying serverless functions. Brain-IoT uses the latest OSGi R7 specifications to create an adaptive modular IoT environment with decentralised data processing and decision making. We’ll review the current design decisions made by the BRAIN-IoT team, including the issues concerning generic Edge Device discovery & integration, and see how they can be applied across different IoT use cases, including Smart Utilities and Industry 4.0 “Factories of the Future”.
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