Code Coverage Based System Testing

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Quality Assurance is Verification & Validation.
Verification – Are we building the product right?
Validation – Are we building the right product?

While there is a lot of emphasis on validation, we need a scientific way to improve our verification process. 

With Agile principle in place, when we release a Minimum Viable Product to the customers, we get a feedback that helps us with validation. While validation is important and the core emphasis of practices like DoD, Acceptance criteria, System Demo.

What is equally important is a scientific way to verify that we are building the product right. Let us evaluate the relevance of code-coverage based verification at system testing. While code coverage is extensively used during unit testing phase, rarely do we use this technique at system testing.

Code Coverage Based System Testing will help us accomplish
1. Test suite comprehensiveness
2. Reduction in technical debt

In addition to this, it will also help us with
1. E2E Requirement traceability matrix (RTM)
2. Regression test suite preparation

The attendees would need a basic understanding of code coverage. The session will cover details of instrumentation and hwo to track code coverage for manual testing in additon to automated testing.

Objective of the presentation: 
To let audience understand the applicability & limitations of tracking code coverage for system testing and explore its implementation in their projects.
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