DiYRoboCar Race Challenge

Take the DiYRoboCar Race Challenge
Monday, October 21


RC Car + Open Source = DiYRoboCar!

Our friends from the Connected Autonomous Driving Meetup are helping us organize a fun activity for conference attendees. The Challenge will conclude at the Meet & Greet on Eclipse Community Day, where participants will compete for the RoboCar Race championship.

For more information see the Robocar Challenge wiki page.

How to Participate

Build Your Car

DiYRoboCar is an open source project, and everyone can successfully build a car. The donkeycar tutorial guides you through the steps. (If you’re wondering why it’s called “donkey,” read the first page!) Even though the steps are easy, it will take some time. So get started now!

Practice on the Track

Training the cars on the track is part of Eclipse Community Day. Experts from the Connected Autonomous Driving Meetup will be on hand to help with software, hardware, and learning how to race. After you register for the conference (make sure you choose a pass that includes Community Day), sign up to participate on the Robocar Challenge wiki page.


The racing part of the Challenge will take place at the Meet & Greet reception at the end of Community Day. There will be prizes! And beer!

What is a DiYRoboCar?

DiYRoboCars are converted RC model cars that are extended with a Raspberry Pi 3 or a NVIDIA Jetson TX1/2 card. These cars drive like real vehicles on a course, where image, speed, and steering data are collected, and then the cars are trained in a neural network. The idea was born some years ago in Oakland, California by Chris Anderson and Will Roscoe.

What is the Connected Autonomous Driving Meetup?

The Meetup is 800+ self-driving enthusiasts who gather each month in Stuttgart, Germany for AI lectures, and to build and race autonomous model cars (1:10 and up to 1:5).

See a Race in Action

Get inspired with this YouTube video!


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