When Research Project teams learn Open Collaboration: why a lonely repository is not enough

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The Eclipse Foundation is a partner in many publicly funded Research projects. It helps consortia members to successfully create, publish, and sustain their code as open source software making the results of the research projects available for commercial or public exploitation.


A new Eclipse project is usually launched with an initial contribution which has reached a level of maturity where it can be shared with the community as a prototype or incubator project. On the other hand, a new Eclipse Research project starts from scratch by collecting the initial code contributions from different partners. These contributions may have different levels of maturity, different licenses and include both private and public resources. 


The Eclipse Foundation, as a Community Builder, provides an infrastructure to apply best practices in open collaboration and open source development to these heterogeneous contributions. To support Research projects in adopting these best practices the Eclipse Foundation provides the option to use a tuleap.eclipse.org instance. Using Tuleap, projects can adopt best practices with flexibility while maintaining rigor in their software development processes. 


Based on the Tuleap Enterprise tool, tuleap.eclipse.org enables researchers to get a big-picture view of their projects. Sharing a full-featured workspace, they can track the entire development lifecycle of their project, from initial ideas to final deliveries. With tools that include project planning, monitoring, documentation, deliveries, discussions, and direct access to code, teams have everything at hand..

The new PDP4E project, aiming at building tools for GDPR compliance, is a good example of a research project hosted on tuleap.eclipse.org. Using Kanban boards, Scrum planning and other tools, PDP4E ’s members started collaborating quickly and have continued successfully to date. .

Using the example of PDP4E, this presentation will share our best practices for  successful research projects and how to support them with tuleap.eclipse.org.


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24 Oct 2018 - 11:10 to 24 Oct 2018 - 11:45

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