When changing theme is not enough: swapping your IDE in Eclipse Che

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You might know Eclipse Che as an open source web IDE for cloud native applications. The next generation of Che will also be a cloud-native platform for web IDEs in addition to being an IDE. Just like the original Eclipse IDE itself, you will be able to completely customize the developer experience with both server-side and client-side plug-ins!

We recently decided to switch the IDE part of Che from an Orion based GWT IDE to the Monaco based Eclipse Theia. You can already try it out in the latest Che releases as an option. We are adding many new features to Theia, and plan to make Theia the default IDE for Che, once we feel it is ready. Theia won’t be the only web IDE that Che can run. It will be possible to run other web based IDEs in Che too!

In this session we will show that Eclipse Che can use different IDEs for different workspaces: a company or a project can choose the best tool that meets its needs.

We will demonstrate how to switch the IDE of a Che workspace running on Kubernetes between Eclipse Theia, our previous Orion based GWT IDE, and something that might not be considered an IDE at all: a Jupyter Notebook !

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25 Oct 2018 - 10:00 to 25 Oct 2018 - 10:35

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