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Eclipse Hono offers horizontal scaling for cloud IoT messaging. You can find a lot of documentation about Hono architecture and learn how it is designed to achieve this scalability. Deployment of such a complex cloud software, on the other hand, is very dependent on the specific environment and use case. That is why there haven’t been too much talk around this topic so far.

We’ll change that with this session by presenting the details on how to scale test Hono. We will present how we did one such test and show the results we achieved. We will start by explaining how to setup Hono in a more production-oriented way than what’s usually found in getting-started guides. You’ll learn tips and tricks on how to tune and optimize such a setup. Next, we’ll show you the test we ran against that deployment and share the results. Of course, the results will be highly specific to our scale-lab, but they should “prove” Hono scalability and give you a good estimate on what you can expect in the similar environment.

After the session you will be able to reproduce the scale test in your own lab and make sure your IoT cloud is ready to accept any load you’re planning to throw at it.



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23 Oct 2018 - 14:30 to 23 Oct 2018 - 15:05
FMZ Präsentationsraum

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