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The E4 Runtime has been available for more over 6 years, and we have started to write our own POJOs bound to the application model. 

Nevertheless, there are not a lot of easy solutions to test these POJOs as the current UI test system libraries are still bound to the full E3 RCP stack. 

This talk is about pure E4 testing. It will remind you the basic principles of the E4 runtime and architecture regarding the application model and the contribution with fragments, and it will introduce the E4 tester tooling to help you in your test management. 

UI Testing is usually a big issue and often the global application must be globally tested. With the E4 tester, it will be possible to combine your E4 views and/or handlers and check the expected behaviour. 

Namely, it will show you how: 

  • To write your tests using the JUnit 5 framework
  • To instantiate your POJO parts and combine them together in a single test case
  • To simulate a selection to check if your parts display the right information
  • To launch a handler and check the result
  • To check the content of any widget in your UI using a simple API
  • To use E4 Tester in your Tycho build

E4 Tester is a project delivered by OPCoach on GitHub (https://github.com/opcoach/E4Tester), under EPL license, with the appropriate  P2 repository to make it easy to use in your development.  It is still under development and it keeps getting better.

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25 Oct 2018 - 14:00 to 25 Oct 2018 - 14:35

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