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A Committer’s view on Eclipse’s Automatic Error Reporting System801795.875
A GraphQL API for EMF4004100
A journey of implementing an Eclipse plugin to improve the quality of database usage0000
A real world use case with OSGi R70000
Adopt Open J9 for Spring Boot performance!3003100
Adopting Debug Adapter Protocol in Eclipse IDE: netcoredbg (.NET debugger) case study6006100
Adopting Language Server for Apache Camel: feedback from a Java/Eclipse plugin developer perspective3003100
AdoptOpenJDK: Ensuring Free Java for the Community13111192.38461538461539
Approaching Light Speed - News from the Eclipse Platform Project130013100
Are you ready for Cloud Native Java? (sponsored by IBM)101067
Automotive meets IoT: innovating your future vehicle 601594.5
Benefits of Eclipse Che When Developing Microservices Apps201183.5
Beyond LSP: Extensions for Java610589
Build a 12-factor microservice using MicroProfile1001100
Build your own IoT cloud stack210167
Building a tool for engineers based on EMF130013100
Building a Web-IDE based on Eclipse Theia for Smart Home17021596.11764705882354
Building Cloud and Desktop IDEs with Theia1316679.6923076923077
Building Web-based Modeling Tools based on Eclipse Theia17201592.23529411764706
Buildship 3.0901896.33333333333333
Bytecode Pattern Matching901896.33333333333333
C/C++ Language Servers, The Next Generation is Now610589
Closing Session703485.85714285714286
Cloud Native development with Eclipse MicroProfile on Kubernetes502386.8
Cool kids' way of generating code412167
DAISY - An Eclipse based IDE for Automotive Machine Learning702590.57142857142857
DBeaver: efficient way to work with SQL and NoSQL from Eclipse IDE.403175.25
Developing cloud-native Java microservices with Eclipse MicroProfile1547467
Director's Pick: Introducing The Eclipse Foundation Specification Process1001100
Director's Pick: OSCAR - Open Software Composition Analysis. A new Eclipse project to automate software analysis, compliance and security201183.5
Domain-Specific Languages in the Cloud – With Eclipse Technologies702590.57142857142857
EASEy IDE extensions without Plugins1001996.7
Eclipse Artifacts on Maven Central802691.75
Eclipse Che: Theia IDE on steroids812583.5
Eclipse Dirigible's WebIDE - Deep Dive301289
Eclipse GEF DOT - Graphviz authoring environment in Eclipse1001100
Eclipse hawkBit 1012002100
Eclipse Infrastructure: with Docker and k8s, this is not your grandparents' infra anymore!140014100
Eclipse IoT Comes Together1001100
Eclipse IoT-Testware: The Open-Source testing solution 4004100
Eclipse Modeling Framework and plain OSGi the easy way1001100
Eclipse Tips and Tricks9009100
Eclipse Trace Compass – Past, Present and Future3003100
EMF, JSON and I16111493.8125
Ethics in software testing - from theory to practice6006100
Extending Eclipse Che for fun and profit302178
Extending JDT with Language Servers601594.5
Fast and Distroless Java in Containers: the Recipe!13011297.46153846153847
Feeling Lonely? Just Chat with Your House!9009100
Flying to Jupiter with OSGi432612550.883720930232556

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