The era of Rapid Cloud Development (RCD) is upon us!

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Developers are using frameworks to deliver software as fast as possible. Some frameworks can be designated as Rapid Application Development (RAD) frameworks to achieve this goal. Because of modern concepts like microservices and clouds, software development is rapidly adopting these concepts. But what does this mean for the evolution of RAD frameworks? In this inspirational talk, I will share my experience and vision on how these RAD frameworks are adapting. In doing so, can we leave conventional RAD behind and declare a new era of Rapid Cloud Development (RCD)? Let’s explore this concept.

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After this session, I hope to have inspired developers that are going to build, or are currently building enterprise software with Java/Jakarta EE, MicroProfile or Spring (Boot). They should have a new vision about how to evolve cloud development in building microservices, solving current issues that we are experiencing with building and deploying a microservices architecture.

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25 Oct 2018 - 13:15 to 25 Oct 2018 - 13:50

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