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Deploying an end-to-end IoT solution require several technologies to be in place: applications on the edge, device connectivity services and backend applications need to collaborate to support a variety of use cases and consistently provide reliable, scalable, manageable and secure solutions.

Discover how Eclipse IoT projects Kura, Hono and Kapua can work together to provide a powerful and integrated set of services aimed to simplify the implementation and the deployment of complex IoT solutions.

Attendees should have a basic knowledge about the main building blocks of an IoT solution (field, connectivity, backend), they should also be familiar with basic messaging patterns and IoT protocols. 

The session will illustrate how the named Eclipse projects can be integrated to provide a complete IoT solution, they will learn the architecture, the technologies and the patterns that are used to implement this integration.

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23 Oct 2018 - 16:15 to 23 Oct 2018 - 16:50
FMZ Präsentationsraum

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