Eclipse Dirigible's WebIDE - Deep Dive

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This session will give an exhausting information about the current WebIDE of Eclipse Dirigible. Based on the Angular 1.x, Bootstrap and GoldenLayout frameworks it provides a highly pluggable environment for the WebIDE developers written entirely in JavaScript.

The talk will start with the predefined components helping in the development of a new Perspective. Which are the Extension Points that one can use to register such a perspective in the Main Menu and Side Bar as well as the ones for the Views and Editors included in the Perspective itself. A quick yet general overview of the extensibility mechanism in Eclipse Dirigible will be provided for better understanding.

The communication between the Views and Editors (Orion, Monaco, Ace) go throughout the Messaging Hub component. It will be explained how to send Events and also how to Subscribe to them.

Templates for the generation of applications artifacts are also standard plugins that you can create on-the-fly and apply immediately for use in your development process. What templating engines you can use as well as how the definition of the parameters looks like will be shown with an example.

What are the available RESTful services for Workspace Management, Git interaction, Database, Repository, Lifecycle and Operations will be explained as well to give an idea about the feature richness.

Theming is built-in feature in the WebIDE. It will be shown how to create and apply a new Theme for Dirigible WebIDE as well as the applications based on the same user interfaces framework layer.

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25 Oct 2018 - 13:15 to 25 Oct 2018 - 13:50

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