Monday, October 23

Plan to arrive a day early, and join the Unconference at the EclipseCon Europe venue.

The Unconference is designed to provide casual interaction and community-organized meetings that are ideal for Eclipse Working Groups, Eclipse projects, and similar groups that form the Eclipse community.

The day includes project meetings, technology discussions, workshops, coding sessions, working group gatherings, and a poster session at lunch.


For a schedule integrated with our personalized scheduler, visit this page. Click on the session titles for details.


Sessions at a glance

The day begins at 8:30 with a welcome coffee and badge pickup, and ends at 17:30 with the start of the Meet & Greet.

Schedule 20.09.2017

Power-up Lounge

There will also be space in the foyer for small groups for get togethers and hacking sessions.


If you would like to share your poster during the lunch break, please bring it to registration on Monday morning and we will hang it for you.

Meet & Greet

To end the Unconference and kick off the Conference, plan to attend this casual reception at the venue. This is especially aimed at new attendees, but everyone is welcome. (Important note to veterans: this is moving from the Nestor bar to the Forum.) For more, visit this page.

Organizing a Session

The schedule is now full, but there may be other ways to participate. Email us ASAP if you would like more information.


Please pre-register to attend the Unconference. The fee is €60 plus VAT and includes coffee breaks and lunch. If you are registering for the full conference, choose the Unconference as an additional item when you register. If you are attending the Unconference by itself, choose "Unconference only" when registering. To register, see the conference registration page.


Contact us at info@eclipsecon.org.



Session Descriptions

A Guided Tour of Eclipse Modeling

This session will introduce you to the major components and projects of EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) and the communities behind them. It will also be an opportunity for the EMF developer community to get together to update and exchange with both both new to the community and old friends. 

IoT Working Group Meeting

The Eclipse IoT Working Group Meeting is a great opportunity to learn about the Eclipse Internet of Things (IoT) community and understand how you might collaborate with the working group members and projects. Both members and non-members are welcome to attend. Join us!

OSGi Tooling Workshop

The Tooling Workshop is being organized by the OSGi Users' Forum Germany. It includes topical presentations for OSGi developers including building OSGi Bundles, Getting started with OSGi DS, IDE-agnostic OSGi development and building Eclipse products from bndtools bundles. The day finishes with a chance to network at the OSGi User’s Forum member’s meeting.

Eclipse Platform Summit

The Eclipse Platform Summit is a chance for Eclipse Platform users and extenders, old and new, to get together to collaborate and drive the future direction of the Eclipse platform project. The goal of this day is to exchange information, get a global vision of what we would like to have, and to open the relevant bugs to work on. We will have discussions around the Eclipse Platform architecture and possible enhancements we could do for the next release. See https://wiki.eclipse.org/Platform/summitece2017 for details.

Unconference Agora Meeting

The Agora is the meeting place for research, working groups, and open communities and projects at Eclipse. Agora presenters will give five-minute talks summarizing projects, describing new initiatives, promoting open calls, or talking about other ways to participate. Informal discussions follow the presentations, where Agora participants can network and discover new synergies among Eclipse groups and communities.

Embedded Tools Summit

The Embedded Tools Summit is a one-day, informal gathering of Eclipse embedded tools developers and users. Eclipse hosts a number of embedded tools such as C/C++ Development Tools, TraceCompass, Linux Tools and Amalthea that are used extensively in industry and research institutes. The goal of the summit is to collaborate and drive the future direction of embedded tools. The agenda is being planned on the Summit wiki page. https://wiki.eclipse.org/EmbeddedToolsSummit2017

Automotive Unconference

Topics for the automotive unconference session include reports from our automotive-related working groups (openMDM, openPASS, openMobility), related research projects (APPSTACLE, A4P), as well as related technology initiatives around spanning from ADAS, DeepLearning, System Engineering, Autosar, and so on.

Please see the list of current topics at ECE2017UnconferenceAutomotive and add your own topics right on that wiki page.

Eclipse Science Unconference

The Eclipse Science working group tackles problems and offers solutions in the area of "Data Analytics, Algorithms and Visualizations". Please join the Unconference if you're interested in:

  • Numerical arrays in Java (similar to the popular numpy library): January
  • Data visualization and processing: Eclipse EAVP, SWTChart
  • Scientific projects in general: e.g. The New Quantum Acceleration Project

For details visit: https://www.eclipsecon.org/europe2017/schedule_item/eclipse-science-unconference

Eclipse Scout User Group Meeting

The Eclipse Scout User meeting includes community presentations as well as sessions from BSI Business Systems Integration. For details on the agenda, please visit the meeting wiki page. If you are a customer of BSI, please ask for your voucher code at scout (at) bsi-software (dot) com.

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