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BREDEX GmbH has nearly 30 years’ experience in delivering tailor-made solutions. Based in Braunschweig, we employ around 75 developers, who work in dynamic teams on individual customer projects. Our expertise in software development makes us branch-independent – last year for example we worked on mobile applications for the automotive industry, as well as a web portal for a large company group. Our “Wünsch dir eine app” campaign, where we sponsored the development of an app for a charity, was particularly interesting for the media.

Alongside our software development activities, we are well known for the Open Source testing tool Jubula and our testing competence. BREDEX has a team of test consultants who support internal and external projects, and we are present at various testing conferences to share our experiences. 

Conferences aren’t the only place where we share our knowledge. BREDEX offers seminars in mobile testing and is a certified ISQI partner for the CMAP® certification. We also organize special training courses, for example our Java Boot Camp. We designed this course for an automotive customer in 2015 as a way to teach a non-IT audience about IT and software development using Lego Mindstorms®. It has been held successfully multiple times since. 

Since 2015, we have also increased our technological knowledge to include interaction design and augmented reality. At the CeBIT 2016, we presented applications and prototypes relevant to mobile business cases using these new areas. 

Regardless of the project, we value quality at all stages of the development process, as well as close contact and communication with our customers. We prefer lean, agile processes to ensure customer satisfaction, and we implement continuous testing and integration to provide quick feedback. We use a wide variety of modern technologies for our projects while remaining true to our roots of being platform- and manufacturer-independent. BREDEX is active in the Open Source community as a Solutions Member of the Eclipse Foundation. 

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