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Itemis EclipseCon Team

The itemis EclipseCon Team, itemis

For more than 10 years itemis has been a strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation and therefore we are delighted to be part of  EclipseCon Europe again. For more than a decade we haven’t missed a single conference. The networking opportunities are just outstanding and it’s always a great chance to get an early view on the new and upcoming trends in the Eclipse ecosystem. After such a long time of active contributions and participation, the Eclipse community is not simply a group of technology enthusiasts for us, but more like a family and group of very good friends always welcoming new members to the table.

Traditionally we are not only attending the conference, but we are actively shaping the program. Also this year, itemis presents a wide range of Eclipse related, deep technical content. Amongst others, our topics cover Eclipse Modelling technology, Systems Engineering in the Automotive Industry and Machine Learning, and we are also encouraging our customers to talk about the cool stuff they build together with us on top of Eclipse.

With such a track record, we are looking forward to a great EclipseCon Europe again and are proud to be part of the success story!

Liferay leadership award

Milen Dyankov, Liferay

Liferay was proud to be awarded the OSGi Alliance Leadership Award at last year's event for migrating to an entirely modular architecture in our most recent lease. Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is an open source platform and we're excited to share more about what we've learned going modular as well as the aftermath.

As Strategic Members of the OSGi Alliance, Liferay is proud to sponsor the OSGi Community Event again and to be among the Eclipse community. OSGi is a very important technology for us and this event is a key place to interact with OSGi technology experts and users.

Join us for three sessions given by Carlos Sierra, "OSGi Meets Lambdas", Milen Dyankov, "Fantastic Java Contracts and Where To Define Them?", and Ray Augé, "CDI and OSGi: So Happy Together!"

OM2M Logo

Orange Eclipse OM2M contributors, Orange

Orange has contributed for several years to Eclipse projects in Smart Home and OM2M, and it’s a great pleasure to be part of the EclipseCon Europe meeting once again. This year is particularly special for Orange because we are officially joining the Eclipse Foundation.

Smart home represents the natural extension of our core business, telecommunications, and Eclipse represents a wonderful community of both open source developers and partners working together to think and build the future of smart home.

This year, we have a booth at EclipseCon Europe to present a joint effort with Deutsche Telekom that leverages Eclipse OM2M. Prototypes made by both companies illustrate the use of the oneM2M standard APIs, leveraging our recent contributions to Eclipse OM2M. Both telecom operators share a common vision of opening their smart home ecosystems to developers.

EclipseCon Europe has been for several years a key event for us to meet with developers, especially in the IoT domain, and we are sure that this year there will be prolific opportunities to collaborate.

Be sure to visit our booth for a live demo of our common oneM2M standard set of APIs! And join us at the session Standard Open Source Cloud APIs for the Smart Home!



Markus Duft, SSI Schäfer IT Solutions

EclipseCon has been a great source of information for us over the past few years. We are using the Eclipse IDE (a quite customized/extended one) to develop Eclipse RCP applications, so the conference has always been a double win for us. Taking into account that not only the talks are great, but also the networking and discussion possibilities are endless, makes the conference well worth it for us.

We are developing an intralogistics software program that is in use in very large scale warehouses around the world. The application is composed of a handful of RCP applications with millions of lines of code in hundreds of bundles. Even more interesting for conference attendees are our customizations for the IDE, which are currently being open sourced and becoming part of the Eclipse ecosystem. If you want to know more, feel free to come and visit my talk Eclipse TEA.

We are proud to be a sponsor of the conference again and we really hope that it will continue to flourish!


Jan Köhnlein, TypeFox

For us at TypeFox, attending EclipseCon Europe is a must. As the company leading the Xtext project, it is a great opportunity to meet with lots of users, partners and contributors in person. EclipseCon Europe connects the Eclipse community in the best possible way. You will hear great talks on a wide range of topics, talk to smart and friendly people, enjoy great food and just have a very good time.

At TypeFox, we build software tools for experts. The building blocks of these tools are mostly based on open-source projects which we actively contribute to. This includes the Eclipse projects Xtext, Xtend, LSP4j, ELK and MWE. In addition to Eclipse, we are also building web-based tools and we embrace the efforts around the Language Server Protocol (LSP).

This year’s EclipseCon gives us a great opportunity to share our knowledge how to integrate Xtext with Sirius. We will also present three new frameworks: Xpect, which makes testing Xtext languages easy, Theia, that allows you to build tools that run both in a browser or as a rich-client, and sprotty, a graphical framework for web-based apps which extends the ideas of the LSP to graphics. Or, if you just want to talk to us, meet us at our booth.



Frederic Ebelshäuser, Yatta Solutions

EclipseCon Europe is and has always been a great place to meet up with the community, to exchange with experts, and talk about trends, innovations, and new ideas. At EclipseCon everyone works together for a common goal: to keep the IDE competitive and to create new potential for growth to benefit everyone. We are happy to be part of EclipseCon Europe once again in 2017.

Yatta is a software engineering company. We are dedicated software engineers, tool developers as well as Eclipse and Java Enthusiasts. Yatta has been an Eclipse Solutions Member since 2011. As a team, we actively contribute to the Eclipse open source community and to several Eclipse open-source projects including Oomph, Xpand and the Eclipse Marketplace Client.

EclipseCon is where we shape the future of Eclipse as a community, and personally, I’m happy to be part of this. I’m looking forward to one-on-one talks about the latest features of Yatta Profiles for Eclipse and about trends and innovations in the Eclipse community and ecosystem.


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