Real Steel - Using GEF in an Industrial Application

In this talk we will demonstrate how ThyssenKrupp Steel’s Manufacturing Execution System, which targets the production planning and control of steel plants, incorporates GEF-based views in its Eclipse-based development environment. We will start with a short introduction to the application domain, then demonstrate the relevant parts of the development environment’s user interface, focussing on the diagrammatic views that integrate automatic layout, image export, as well as JSON-based persistence.

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GEF 5.0.0 - From a User's Perspective

Since the first graduation of the next generation code base (a.k.a. GEF4) in June 2016, we have worked intensively on making GEF even more robust and concise. And we have added some nice end-user features that make GEF applications fun to use. In this talk I will give an overview from an end-users perspective, especially pointing out what has been added during the 5.0.0 (Oxygen) release timeframe. I will also give a short outlook about our plans for Eclipse Photon.

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