Xtext Conquering the Unknown World of JavaScript

While creating languages and IDEs with Xtext is a breeze, it may become a little bumpy when you want to provide headless tools. Even though there exists decent support to generate and compile Java code from DSLs with Gradle or Maven, build systems for other target languages are still uncharted waters. Navigating through them depends a lot on your own technological decisions and of course on the target language of your choice.

Together, we will wade through the shallows of building command line tools for Xtext languages, especially those targeting JavaScript - a language that stems from a community with a very unique mindset. Here you will find things, that you happily ignored in your Java sandbox for years. But if you can tame this dragon, you’re prepared for pretty much any environment.

In this talk we will discuss different options when it comes to writing a JavaScript code generator with Xtext. We will outline the differences between the project structure at development time and the packaging for the runtime, show how you enable debugging, and how you add unit test support for your language. If you are interested in JavaScripters’ viewpoints on the Xtext abstractions and Eclipse integration, join this session. Let’s fight sea dragons … Arrr!

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Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 13:45 to 14:20

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