What's new in Eclipse Che 6?

Eclipse Che is going to get expanded capabilities for large teams and enterprises. In May, Red Hat acquired Codenvy and it’s a great news for Eclipse Che project: the Codenvy’s capabilities and source code is going to be open sourced with EPL on Che!

Eclipse Che 6 will get the following capabilities:
- Multi-user identities and profiles.
- User authentication with Keycloak.
- User database persisted with Postgres.
- Permissions API (workspace access restrictions).
- User management dashboards.
- Email notifications for workspace and user events.
- SSL.
- Teams, groups, and organizations — constructs for managing workspaces and users as collections.
- Workspace security — enforcing access to workspaces through tokenization and proxy management.
- Workspace idling — for managing background workspaces when users have gone idle.

On the infrastructure front, Eclipse Che 6, will support both Docker and Kubernetes. You’ll be able to deploy Che as either a single-user version, without authentication and a user database, or a multi-user and scalable version.

Eclipse Che 6 will also provide new capabilities:
- Integrated tests
- New Layout and Design
- New Command Palette
- New Git integration

In this session we will present the most exciting new capabilities and show how you can setup Che 6 for your teams and enjoy cloud workspaces!

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 14:45 to 15:20

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