What about a Common Debug Protocol?

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The language server protocol is a terrific way for any IDE to provide and consume language support such as code analysis and completions. In a short space of time it has gained momentum and has support for >30 languages. But what about when it comes to debugging those languages?

Is there an equivalent, common framework that would work in any IDE such as Eclipse IDE or Eclipse Che to provide a common debug experience? Is such a common protocol even feasible for different languages such as Java, C/C++ or Javascript?

This talk starts off by looking at the existing debug technology out there, including Eclipse debug framework, CDT’s debug services framework (DSF) and others. Then we look at VSCode and its debug service protocol which already has several debug adapters written. Which languages are already supported? Which features are already there and what’s missing? Is this right framework to be building on? Can we take advantage of the 15+ years of building debuggers in the Eclipse community to solve this at scale?

This talk aims to answer all these questions, show a demo or two of the current state-of-affairs & look ahead to a future of common debugger implementations we can all get excited about.

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Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 13:45 to 14:20

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