Standard Open Source Cloud APIs for the Smart Home

A new world of services emerges from the data and functions delivered by the growing variety of connected things – devices, sensors, actuators – potentially available in the Home. Several products are now giving hints of this new era. Orange and Deutsche Telekom are for instance selling smart home products in several countries of their commercial footprint.

Research and innovation have shown that a Smart Home infrastructure could host any service and connect any device. The solution involves the implementation of open Application Programming Interfaces at several levels of the architecture: gateway embedded APIs, local protocols provided by a gateway, and cloud APIs exposed by a service platform. However, a key challenge remains: the heterogeneity of protocols and APIs – even when they are open – prevents one player to attract the ecosystem on a unique infrastructure. It moreover prevents this infrastructure to scale in order to provide the richness of the expected new world of services. That is where open source and standardization organizations are playing a role.

At EclipseCon Europe 2017, T-Labs and Orange Labs are showcasing with some of their respective partners a community prototype around standard cloud APIs. In the Internet of Things and especially in the Smart Home domain, the oneM2M standard restful interfaces are emerging as a unique service layer API standard at the cloud level backed by a worldwide organization and open source communities. Showcased partner applications use standard APIs implemented by Deutsche Telekom and Orange. T-Labs and Orange Labs have implemented identical oneM2M cloud interfaces on their respective platform prototype. Each of the two implementations integrates part of their respective industrial product – Qivicon, Orange Datavenue - and part of Eclipse OM2M open source artefacts.

The presentation will provide a vision of an open end-to-end architecture providing standard APIs on a service platform to connect and support semantic interoperability for any application and any device. The implementation of oneM2M standard features by T-Labs and Orange Labs will be detailed, including the use of their respective industrial product artefacts. Both companies have especially aligned the APIs of their prototypes. For instance, they are showing a unique abstraction layer with oneM2M data models using the oneM2M Smart Device Template. Privacy management leverages oneM2M Access Control Policy management and a Dynamic Authorization System. T-Labs and Orange Labs are contributing to Eclipse IoT projects, especially OM2M and SmartHome, as well as to the oneM2M standardization and other initiatives.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 14:30 to 15:05
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Four speakers seems like too many for a 35 minute session. Is it possible to reduce the speaker list to two individuals?

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