Live Collaboration on Graphical Models: Sirius Integrated With CDO (sponsored by Obeo)

In this talk we will explain how to collaborate with other team members by storing your models and diagrams in a shared repository.

This approach will be compared to traditional file-based collaborative mechanism.

By using a repository managed with CDO our solution provides a fine-grained locking mechanism that allows you to simultaneously work on visual representations for the same data, without losing time managing conflicts and without any technical skills.

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Document Generation with M2Doc

Not everyone uses modeling tools and the awesome work one can do with these tools must be conveyed to the outside world, for instance, in the form of documents.

The M2Doc technology enables the generation of Office Open XML documents from Ecore models and Sirius representations.

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All about UX in Sirius

Your Sirius designer has the ability to leave a lasting impression on your end users, and every detail counts. In this presentation, you will see the new features to improve the user experience of your own Sirius-based designers.

This talk will start by reviewing how to improve Sirius diagrams with a consistent style guide to quickly communicate your intent to your users and tips and tricks to speed up common tasks.

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