OSGi microservices

Constructor injection and other new features for Declarative Services 1.4

Declarative Services is the best way to provide and consume OSGi services when writing bundles. The OSGi Alliance continues to improve this key specification with new features making it better and more simple to use. For the R7 release, Declarative Services (DS) 1.4 will add constructor injection to the existing method and field injection support. Component property types can now be used to annotate components to set component property values in a type-safe manner. Learn about these and other new features in DS 1.4 to see how OSGi services are easy to use!

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Microservices with OSGi

OSGi declarative services exist for a long time and are used to implement a modular service-oriented architecture. Because of the supported dynamics, the easy way to define, register and consume services, declarative services can be found in various scenarios. Using several of the long time existing specifications like Declarative Service, ConfigurationAdmin, EventAdmin and Remote Service Admin, it is also easy to setup the currently hyped micro services by using OSGi declarative services.

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