An OSGi based platform supporting Industry 4.0 applications for SMEs

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Building a worldwide IoT infrastructure requires a reliable basic runtime platform. Such a distributed computing system will consist of Cloud computing instances, sensor node, desktop computers and wearables.

This talk explores how DHBW Mannheim, Germany have created the AQUASI research project (an Automated Quality Assurance Application Platform for SMEs in Handcraft Industries) and discusses the real world results and benefits that have been achieved from the exemplary use case of a german SME company, Rombach NUR-HOLZ which have been participating in the project.

This applied research offers an Open Source framework to enable SME companies to build Industry 4.0 application to monitor and assure Quality Assurance across the full product lifecycle form production through the ongoing maintenance after purchase and installation.

The AQUASI framework leaverages OSGi technology and Eclipse projects. Examples include Jetty, JAX-RS connectors with OSGI and Eclipse p2 and e4. . The project started with the development of an Industry 4.0 language using the AQUASI data and communication model to enable faster development of the SME applications.

The talk will include an overview of the project architecture of the AQUASI system including the REST-based communication model that is used, along with UI components and future plans.  Attendees will also get to understand some of the project challenges that have been faced and overcome.


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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 15:45 to 16:20

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