Live Collaboration on Graphical Models: Sirius Integrated With CDO (sponsored by Obeo)

In this talk we will explain how to collaborate with other team members by storing your models and diagrams in a shared repository.

This approach will be compared to traditional file-based collaborative mechanism.

By using a repository managed with CDO our solution provides a fine-grained locking mechanism that allows you to simultaneously work on visual representations for the same data, without losing time managing conflicts and without any technical skills.

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Large Scale Model Transformations with Xtend

In several projects, we have been building automotive toolchains based on EMF models and model transformations with Xtend. In this talk, we will introduce our "lessons learned" from projects, in which we integrate automotive engineering data from different sources (relational databases, specific configuration files, EMF) into a consolidated model for product lines of electronic control units (ECUs) for cars and then transforming it to AUTOSAR. These models easily exceed a size of 1mio elements.

Topics include:

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Seven Recipes for CDO

With CDO you can turn any file-based single-user model application into a repository-based multi-user application by changing just a few lines of bootstrap code. In order to get the best performance out of your system and to avoid some common misconceptions that are inherent to multi-user scenarios you should not miss this talk. You'll be guided through the seven most important CDO recipes.

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Modeling Symposium

The modeling community is among the most active and diverse in Eclipse's ecosystem. The modeling symposium aims to provide a forum for community members to present a brief overview of their work. We will encourage 10-minute lightning talks to facilitate a broad range of speakers. The primary goal is to introduce new and interesting technology features. We will open up an informal call for submissions from the community. Depending on the number, we will select submissions that will create a diverse slate of talks.

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Eclipse APP4MC - embedded multicore optimization

Eclipse APP4MC provides an open source tool platform for optimization of embedded multi- and many-core systems. During two years as an Eclipse project we went through the project creation process, set up a structure for supporting tools and established regular quarterly releases.

The first part of the talk will describe the current status of the APP4MC tool platform and how we set up the project infrastructure.

The second part shows the activities to promote the platform: presentations, academic challenges, examples and tools.

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All about UX in Sirius

Your Sirius designer has the ability to leave a lasting impression on your end users, and every detail counts. In this presentation, you will see the new features to improve the user experience of your own Sirius-based designers.

This talk will start by reviewing how to improve Sirius diagrams with a consistent style guide to quickly communicate your intent to your users and tips and tricks to speed up common tasks.

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Web-based Modeling Tools

Slowly but steadily, selected developer tools are being migrated to web technology using emerging technologies such as Atom, Eclipse Che, Monaco, Thea, or LSP. Those technologies are mainly dealing with textual editing (source code, DSLs), but what about non-textual modeling? Many existing tools are essentially modeling tools. They allow you to create models that can be manipulated in tree- and form-based editors as well as in graphical editors.

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Modeling the OSGi way

In an ideal world, business code would be decoupled from implementation details. It would be domain driven and self-contained; it would live in a single location, and that would make it easier to maintain.

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