About Tycho, Maven, p2 and Target-Platforms: From Pain to Best Practice

This talk shares our experience about setting up Tycho and Maven. Using Tycho and Maven in your build infrastructure can be very beneficial, but first it needs to be set up. In fact, this is the real challenge. Unfortunately, there is no real state-of-the-art or best practice about how to use this technology. Particularly, only little documentation exists. Most likely this is a consequence of everyone’s individual project requirements and thus not allowing for the one ultimate answer.

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Bndtools and Maven: A brave new world

The Bndtools project is the foremost IDE for OSGi development, with a powerful workspace model and interactive debug sessions. Historically Bndtools has been opinionated (and restrictive) about how you build your workspace, but with the new releases of bnd and Bndtools 3.4.0 things have changed dramatically.

Using the new Maven plugins from the bnd project you can now get all the bnd goodness you know and love when using Maven, and when using Bndtools you still get incremental building and interactive debug! This talk will walk you through the new Maven plugins from bnd, and how to get the most out of your new favourite IDE.

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