From a lot of Boxes to a lot of Words - Migrating to Xtext

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We at Fiducia & GAD IT AG have been using Code Generation as a tool to develop our Banking Software "agree BAP" for about 15 years. As the codebase grew up to about 80 Mio. LOC the modeling tools that were used changed over time: from proprietary XML-based formats to UML models with MID Innovator and IBM RSA. On top of that, in-house developed Xtext DSLs are used for several purposes.

In an effort to ease maintenance and to consolidate our tool landscape, we're currently in the process of migrating about 500 UML models and 620 Java Projects to a Xtext-based DSL. The tools have to be developed and the Migration has to be coordinated by a small team of developers.

In our talk we'll put the focus on three topics:

  • How did we design the DSLs that will replace IBM RSA by using Xtext, Sirius and other Eclipse products? What are our goals?
  • We'll explain why we invested a lot into the Migration tooling and how we want to ensure that Migration will be possible with a minimal effort for our users.
  • How is the Migration organized? What roles are involved? How to get our users ready-to-go afterwards?

Our goal is to show you how Xtext DSLs can be introduced in a company - especially in a big Company, with a mature codebase and a small Team. We'll talk about the technical challenges we encountered and how we solved them. Of course also give you a glimpse of our future plans.

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Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 11:00 to 11:35

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