The League of Extraordinary Antipattern

Captain Static, Runnable Boy and the rest of the "League of Extraordinary Anti-Pattern" is sitting exhausted in their fortress of solitude, the "Singleton Factory". They would love to retire, but again the alarm signal sounds and they are called for help. What will our heroes confront this time?

  • A coding beginner?
  • A group of senior C-developers, forced to switch over to object oriented software development?
  • A poor guy who has taken over the maintenance of a grown project and lurks to go down on handling the technical depths that accumulated over the years?

There are many talks, articles, blog posts and tutorials with regards to show and handle anti-patterns. But still they can be found in current projects and are the reason for long nights, dark circles around the eyes, heavy coffee consumption and hair loss.

Instead of the typical "don't-do-it-like-this" anti-pattern talks, we want to look at the usual suspects and interesting exotics with humor. That hopefully makes it easier to remember the one or the other tripping hazard and to even find them in the own work. In the end there is a little bit of Captain Static and Kid Singleton in everyone of us - at least if we remember our own first programming attempts. ;-)

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 17:00 to 17:35

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