Service Blueprint and Deployment for an IoT Cloud Integration Platform

Eclipse Kapua is modular micro service-based IoT cloud platform that provides management for Internet of Things (IoT) gateways and smart edge devices. Kapua bridges the gap between Operation Technology with Information Technology, between the complex and fragmented world of the IoT devices with the enterprise IT infrastructure. This session introduces the Eclipse Kapua project focusing on its architecture, service model and blueprint, modularity, and deployment options.

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The Open IoT Stack: Architecture and Use Cases

Whether you are developing smart products, enabling new connected services, or instrumenting factory production lines you face the challenges of designing, building, and deploying an IoT solution. This session will first summarize the leading reference architectures and blue prints for Industrial IoT and then, it will map those architectural components onto the activities of the Eclipse IoT community.

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Complex Event Processing of An Electric Car In A Simple Way

In this talk we will present a unique dashboard for a prototype electric car that is used for displaying basic information such as motor functionalities, speed, charging visualization, as well as novel real-time data visualization for our embedded data stream processor with complex event processing capabilities.This dashboard is more than a graphical interface because of its strong back-end functionalities with the help of Eclipse plugins.

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