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Web-based Modeling Tools

Slowly but steadily, selected developer tools are being migrated to web technology using emerging technologies such as Atom, Eclipse Che, Monaco, Thea, or LSP. Those technologies are mainly dealing with textual editing (source code, DSLs), but what about non-textual modeling? Many existing tools are essentially modeling tools. They allow you to create models that can be manipulated in tree- and form-based editors as well as in graphical editors.

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Developing business web applications with form-based UIs

Many business applications are data-driven and require viewing and entering data in forms… countless forms. Unfortunately, writing HTML5-based web forms manually is still error-prone and tedious, even with the help of modern web application frameworks like Angular. A form may seem simple at first, but you usually need to add live validation and error markers, rule-based visibility, input restrictions, and the like. As you can imagine, it quickly gets out of hand. Finally, when you have many of these forms the code becomes unmaintainable.

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