Journey from Monolith to a Modularized Application: Approach and Key Learnings (Theater)

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Open Security Controller (OSC) aims to increase the security of workloads running in cloud and data centers by orchestrating security virtual network functions (VNFs). To achieve that, one of the main design goals of OSC is to allow vendor customization while keeping its core code neutral. Additionally, as an open source project, another import design principal for OSC is code habitability. Evolving from a legacy monolithic application to a modularized one through OSGi has enabled OSC to implement these goals.

Bringing together a diverse group of security services and software defined network (SDN) providers was key to building the OSC community. This was possible due to the OSC plugin model using OSGi which allows specific vendors to integrate OSC with their existing solutions with minimum effort. Beyond its plugin model OSC also makes use of OSGi in its core components. This enables better extensibility, testability and overall maintainability of its code base. These aspects are key to OSC as it relates to the new and dynamic areas of SDN and security VNFs in cloud and data center environments and it must be able to easily adapt to the constantly changing requirements and technologies pertaining these fields.

In this talk we will explore the journey for turning OSC into a modularized application using OSGi, highlighting some of the achieved results, key learned lessons and the next steps for this work.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 09:00 to 10:00

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