From a lot of Boxes to a lot of Words - Migrating to Xtext

We at Fiducia & GAD IT AG have been using Code Generation as a tool to develop our Banking Software "agree BAP" for about 15 years. As the codebase grew up to about 80 Mio. LOC the modeling tools that were used changed over time: from proprietary XML-based formats to UML models with MID Innovator and IBM RSA. On top of that, in-house developed Xtext DSLs are used for several purposes.

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JDT embraces Java™ 9 - An insiders' view

The JDT team is dedicated to delivering full support for Java™ 9 right when the new version is released, just as we did for every version. In this session we will share some of the things we learned while working from an evolving specification. We will also discuss the impact of this new version specifically on tool-smithing for Java.

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Debug Java code like a Pro

Writing code only comes second when talking about the developer work. The main and first task is reading and debugging. For that purpose, the Eclipse Java development tools are wonderful. Its most powerful tools are often unknown though. This talk will help you unleash this power and help you debug your Java code like a pro. The talk will also cover the new debugging features coming with Eclipse 4.8 (code name Oxygen, released last June). So, even if you're an experienced Java programmer, you will learn some tips and tricks.

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Eclipse and Java™ 9

Last year I showed where we, i.e. JDT, are with Java™ 9. This was well received and got a lot of positive feedback . We added many features since then and Java™ 9 is supposed to go GA on September 21.This session will present the most important new stuff in Java™ 9, especially project Jigsaw, which introduces modules into Java™. I will show how to get started developing Java™ 9 code with Eclipse and demo the new features that are provided by the upcoming Eclipse release for Java™ 9.

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Embracing JUnit 5 with Eclipse

Writing good tests is as important as writing good code for mastering high-quality software development. The JUnit framework is one of the most valuable skills a developer can learn to achieve that. JUnit 4.0 was first released over a decade ago after the introduction of annotations in Java 5. The world of Java and testing has evolved a lot since then. To take advantage of the new features like lambda expressions in Java 8 and to support the advanced testing needs, JUnit 5 is emerging as the next generation test framework and is expected to be released during Q3 2017.

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