Java EE 8 is final... Now what?

Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is a rich, mature and widely used open platform for developing and deploying server-side applications. Java EE 8, the latest version of the platform was recently finalized. Multiple open source implantations of the Java EE specifications already co-exist today: GlassFish, Red Hat WildFly and Apache TomEE.

Oracle has also announced its intention to move the Java EE development to the Eclipse Foundation; a bold move welcomed by the community and supported by multiple companies such as Red Hat, IBM, etc.

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When whiteboards play together. JAX-RS and Servlets the OSGi way

OSGi provides specifications for HTTP whiteboards as well as JAX-RS whiteboards. This talk will give you an real world insight of how these specifications can work together.

Are you familiar with the the problem when you quickly need a site setup consisting of whiteboard services such as static web resources, servlets and REST services for integration testing or a customer review?

So we got Jetty and Jersey in the team, they provide sample implementations for both of the specifications.

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OSGi R7 – microservices never looked simpler.

REST microservices are a powerful tool for composing large-scale systems, and now, with the new features of OSGi R7, it has never been simpler to create a modular microservice. Combining the new features in Declarative Services, the JAX-RS Whiteboard, Transaction Control and PushStreams we can create a simple, transactional, persistent, streaming microservice with a minimum of code and a maximum of function.

This talk will use practical code examples to show how new OSGi R7 features can save you time and effort when building microservices, letting you focus on business logic, not boilerplate.

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