Interoperability - the Key to the Success of IoT: Why and How (sponsored by Huawei)

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Since its birth, IoT has been developed for more than 20 years and yet the Internet of Things is still filled with devices and data that are not connected. Fragmentation happens between applications, verticals and systems. The fragmentation is locking data inside devices so that their true value cannot be dug out.

IoT is regarded as an ecosystem that needs more collaboration than ever. Diversity and flexibility, the two major advantages of IoT, are offset by customization and lack of reusability, the qualities that bring headaches to every player in the ecosystem. Time and budget are spent on customizing requirements, adapting different interfaces and information models, and mapping data from one format to another. Companies are providing SDKs, developer guides, and API specifications trying to solve the problem, but it still takes days and weeks for integration.

Open source and open standards are regarded as the most effective way to build ecosystems and interoperability. They allow us to share our thinking, experience, and effort on how to achieve interoperability.

Adopting oneM2M as the platform provides a uniformed architecture and common service layer that can be used for multiple verticals. oneM2M also provides methodologies for interoperability with the other protocols and verticals. In conjunction with testing and certification, oneM2M enables plug and play of devices at the service layer.

Adopting OSGi as the gateway provides a flexible framework for developing bundles and integrating with the end point ecosystems. OSGi connects with a wider community of IoT players to enlarge ecosystem to the south bound.

By contributing to Eclipse and open source, the barrier of interoperability is greatly lowered. Stakeholders that share the same problems join in the discussion and implementation to pave the way of interoperability. At this talk, we invite everyone in the ecosystem to join in and share with us their experience and effort.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 14:45 to 15:20

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