The Importance of Open Source Tooling for ADAS and Automated Driving (sponsored by Renesas)

Presentation will cover:

Overview of why Eclipse and Open Source tools makes sense for Renesas for ADAS In particular we will explain:

  • Using CDT to build open source tooling for ADAS
  • Using GDB and CDT to provide heterogeneous multicore debugging using Eclipse
  • Using Trace Compass to build advanced tracing tools for ADAS
  • Using TCF and CDT for Linux application debugging ADAS and Automated Drive applications need the high-end computing power of the SoCs to analyse the car’s surroundings and for cognitive computing processing.

This requires a broad spectrum of flexible, programmable cores and highly optimized hardware accelerators delivering the highest performance at lowest power consumption, specifically architected for algorithms performing object detection, classification and deep neural networks.

As ADAS, and next Automated Drive, requires not only this drastically increasing performance and features in the silicon, but also the goes into high volume, SoCs are newly designed to be available at highly competitive pricing. Thus developers face the challenge that the new silicon is not available at the start of the development, and the existing silicon cannot be used as it simply does not have the features.

Therefore developers need to start coding and debugging using simulators, with ideally seamless transition to the hardware once the final silicon is available. Eclipse is ideal as it can support this, as it offers diverse tooling within a single central interface.

Users can start on a virtual platform and migrate when ready to use real hardware within the same UI. Plus Eclipse offers multicore debugging and tracing using the latest tools from hardware vendors. Since a silicon supplier develops some tools in-house, but relies also on tools of 3rd parties, an open source environment is mandatory to enable an ecosystem to deliver the leading edge tools.

Renesas will explain its Eclipse strategy for solutions for ADAS and Automated Driving, as part of the Renesas autonomy platform. The key message is that the developer will decide what the future of driving will look like, and e2studio is an important part this.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 15:15 to 15:50

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