Language Edition Support in Eclipse IDE with best of breed: Generic Editor, Language Servers and TextMate

The Oxygen release train has introduced new approaches to more efficiently support editing of textual languages in the Eclipse IDE: a Generic and Extensible Text Editor was introduced in Platform to minimize boilerplate, Language Server Protocol for Eclipse (LSP4E) which allows to quickly hook into the IDE the power of Language Servers and TextMate for Eclipse (TM4E) allows to as easily delegate the syntax highlighting in the IDE to a TextMate grammar.

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Bndtools and Maven: A brave new world

The Bndtools project is the foremost IDE for OSGi development, with a powerful workspace model and interactive debug sessions. Historically Bndtools has been opinionated (and restrictive) about how you build your workspace, but with the new releases of bnd and Bndtools 3.4.0 things have changed dramatically.

Using the new Maven plugins from the bnd project you can now get all the bnd goodness you know and love when using Maven, and when using Bndtools you still get incremental building and interactive debug! This talk will walk you through the new Maven plugins from bnd, and how to get the most out of your new favourite IDE.

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A journey through Bndtools for PDE users

You may know the story: you develop OSGi applications with PDE and you are willing to give Bnd a try, but you can't find access to the different concepts they are using. The reasons to change, can be plenty and the hazards on the way as well. Here you will get a quick view in the world of Bnd with dos and don'ts and an idea on how to migrate your project.

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Origins of @EclipseJavaIDE and developer-oriented marketing

The account has become a source of daily tips on the Eclipse IDE used by thousands of developers every day. Every month we get between 300'000-350'000 impressions through Twitter alone. That's progress from our days with 4 followers some months ago and shows this was missing.

Sopot Cela is the one taking care of its strategy and will take us into a journey of how it came to be, how it is managed every day and what its plans are.

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Implementing Language Servers - the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

This talk summarizes our experiences from building language servers and integrating and using them across Eclipse, VS Code, and Atom. We talk about the good parts, e.g.:

  • building lightweight tooling
  • the freedom of starting fresh
  • building the tooling once and reusing it across various environments
  • isolated testing

The bad parts, e.g.:

  • no communication among language servers
  • do the work twice or more, ship libraries twice or more

And the really ugly parts, e.g.:

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Embracing JUnit 5 with Eclipse

Writing good tests is as important as writing good code for mastering high-quality software development. The JUnit framework is one of the most valuable skills a developer can learn to achieve that. JUnit 4.0 was first released over a decade ago after the introduction of annotations in Java 5. The world of Java and testing has evolved a lot since then. To take advantage of the new features like lambda expressions in Java 8 and to support the advanced testing needs, JUnit 5 is emerging as the next generation test framework and is expected to be released during Q3 2017.

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Eclipse TEA

Eclipse TEA is a new Eclipse project, just recently approved and incubated. This talk gives a quick overview of what it is all about, and what to expect in the next few months from the project, as well as hands on demo-ing the strengths with real life examples.

Eclipse TEA is a project that has been developed for the past years at SSI Schaefer in Austria. It has been open sourced now as a result of discussions with the community after presenting what we are doing with this technology at the past EclipseCons.

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