Embracing JUnit 5 with Eclipse

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Writing good tests is as important as writing good code for mastering high-quality software development. The JUnit framework is one of the most valuable skills a developer can learn to achieve that. JUnit 4.0 was first released over a decade ago after the introduction of annotations in Java 5. The world of Java and testing has evolved a lot since then. To take advantage of the new features like lambda expressions in Java 8 and to support the advanced testing needs, JUnit 5 is emerging as the next generation test framework and is expected to be released during Q3 2017. Eclipse is embracing it by integrating the new features provided by JUnit 5 in its tooling support.

In this session, I will demo how to get started with JUnit 5 in Eclipse and how the new features in JUnit 5 blend with the existing functionality in Eclipse. Some of the features from JUnit 5 that you will see in action include:

  • Custom display names
  • Custom composed annotations
  • Lambda expressions for assertions and assumptions
  • Grouping assertions
  • Nested tests
  • Dependency injection for constructors and methods
  • Dynamic tests and containers
  • Implementing tests via interface default methods

This session is not intended to provide a deep dive into JUnit 5. Come here and get a glimpse of the goodies provided by Eclipse as part of its JUnit 5 support.

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Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 10:15 to 10:50

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