Eclipse APP4MC - embedded multicore optimization

Eclipse APP4MC provides an open source tool platform for optimization of embedded multi- and many-core systems. During two years as an Eclipse project we went through the project creation process, set up a structure for supporting tools and established regular quarterly releases.

The first part of the talk will describe the current status of the APP4MC tool platform and how we set up the project infrastructure.

The second part shows the activities to promote the platform: presentations, academic challenges, examples and tools.

Details can be seen in the following repositories:

The tools repository [git] contains (development) tools and extensions that can be used independently:

  • Interactive (Meta) Model Explorer (SVG diagrams of EMF models generated based on PlantUML)
  • Model creation based on Source code analysis with LLVM

A separate examples repository [git] is used to store academic and educational projects:

  • FMTV challenges [2016, 2017] (Formal Methods for Timing Verification)
  • APP4MC Rover [wiki] (demonstrator based on the PolarSys Rover)
    • 3D printed parts
    • Application software: Browser-based Camera Stream & Drive Control
    • Tracing with Perf, Conversion to CTF, and analysis with TraceCompass
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Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 16:15 to 16:50

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