Easier Smart Home development with simulators and rule engines

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IoT and Smart Home are hot topics today, and their popularity has spawned a lot of nice frameworks for developing applications, such as Eclipse Smart Home. However, real smart homes tend to be complex systems that pose hardware-software and systems integration challenges, which can provide a lot of headache to software developers lacking significant hardware experience. Simulators are one way out of this, because they can replace actual hardware, and come with advanced visualization and even interaction capabilities that make developing, debugging, and even demoing your smart home application a lot smoother.

In this talk, we showcase an open source smart home demonstrator system built only with open source components, many from the Eclipse IoT ecosystem:

  • We show how to build simulated smart home environments using OpenSHS. https://openshs.github.io/openshs/
  • We show how to integrate OpenSHS with OpenHAB using MQTT and the Eclipse Smart Home event bus.
  • We show how to combine real hardware and the simulator, in order to build a hybrid development and debugging environment where real components can interact with simulated ones.
  • As the key enabler, we finally demonstrate a new integration library that bridges Eclipse Smart Home with Drools, an advanced rule and complex event processing engine. This approach provides a nice and easy way to build complex control logic for smart home applications.

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