Dockerized Java based micro-services on resource-constrained devices: the performance perspective

There is a current trend in the IoT domain to redefine the role of the IoT Gateway - once a simple communication relay with some application specific processing - into a generic purpose edge device supporting diverse device protocols, multiple applications, a variety of cloud connections, and sometimes even multi-tenant situations. In fact, recent low-cost hardware based on multi-core ARM and Intel SoCs (such as the Raspberry Pi 3, the Odroid-C2, or the UP board) seems to have the required capabilities.

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Manage Everything as a Service on clouds with Eclipse Modeling tools

Cloud computing is gaining more and more attention with the ubiquity of on-demand Internet-based services and resources, such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and more generally Everything as a Service (XaaS). However, the public cloud offers (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, etc.) and the cloud software stacks (VMware, OpenStack, Docker, etc.) are extremely heterogeneous in terms of provided services, resources, and API.

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Test as you run - production like integration tests with Docker

Executing automated tests of every reasonable scope as a fixed step of every build job is mandatory. Some testworthy situations can’t be simulated with a mocked environment. Therefore, multiple test scopes - including integration tests - have to be part of the buildstep, as well. In this talk, I will demonstrate some different testscopes for microservices.

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How to provide a portable developer workspace with Eclipse Che?

Developers are facing big changes in the way they are working since the raise of Docker. It’s terribly trendy and popular. Containers are heavily used to build, ship and run softwares.But what are the biggest impacts and values for the Developers?

Developers can benefit from portable developer environments leveraging the Docker containers technologies. It’s the main purpose of Eclipse Che. During this session we will discuss the various changes containers have provided to the developers, why dockerizing your projects and what are the best tactics to achieve that with Eclipse Che?

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Docker Container Build/Run/Debug Support for C/C++ Projects

This talk will discuss the new plug-in support being added to the CDT project to build C/C++ projects in Docker Containers for Linux, MacOS, and Windows.  After building, the user can run the executables in a Docker Container just as if they were built locally.  The new support is completely optional and allows building existing CDT projects either locally or in one or more Docker Containers.  C/C++ indexing of the source code is supported using the Docker Container header files where appropriate.

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