What about a Common Debug Protocol?

The language server protocol is a terrific way for any IDE to provide and consume language support such as code analysis and completions. In a short space of time it has gained momentum and has support for >30 languages. But what about when it comes to debugging those languages?

Is there an equivalent, common framework that would work in any IDE such as Eclipse IDE or Eclipse Che to provide a common debug experience? Is such a common protocol even feasible for different languages such as Java, C/C++ or Javascript?

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Debug Java code like a Pro

Writing code only comes second when talking about the developer work. The main and first task is reading and debugging. For that purpose, the Eclipse Java development tools are wonderful. Its most powerful tools are often unknown though. This talk will help you unleash this power and help you debug your Java code like a pro. The talk will also cover the new debugging features coming with Eclipse 4.8 (code name Oxygen, released last June). So, even if you're an experienced Java programmer, you will learn some tips and tricks.

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Productive debugging with Eclipse Photon

Writing good code is the most important task of software development and this does not complete without debugging and fixing bugs. The Eclipse Java IDE provides many debugging tools and views for users to debug effectively and efficiently. Eclipse users spend a lot of time in debugging code and every new debugging feature in Eclipse helps the users to be productive in fixing bugs. Debugging in Eclipse Platform and JDT is continuously evolving to provide tooling which can help users debug complex scenarios and spend less time in routine tasks.

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