Create a programming language that the whole company can understand

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This talk is about the solution that building a domain specific language (DSL) can bring. The problem that many companies are facing right now is not being able to communicate with their system efficiently.
Using the language workbench JetBrains MPS, you can create powerful DSLs. I will show how the development of a software product is done today and examples of DSLs improving the whole process. We will analyze the situations when building a DSL add value and when not.


- What is a DSL?
A short description of what is DSL, more examples will be shown during the presentation. This section is to give context to the audience that doesn't know what DSL is.

- What is MPS?
Explanation of MPS and the company that is behind, JetBrains.


- Why do you need a DSL?
Describe the whole process of development of a software product. Emphasize the areas of opportunity where a DSL can improve the process.

- DSL benefits.
The main advantages of DSLs are to increase productivity, a higher level of abstraction and encourage communication.

- DSL examples built with MPS.
Show real examples of DSL that our clients created.

- Projection editor.
Explanation of the projection editor, a unique technology of MPS to create Non-textual notation - math formulas, tables, diagrams, forms.

- When and when not to use a DSL.
It must be cost effective to build a domain specific tools and languages. We came across with the best reasons for creating a DSL, which are: a significant potential of automation, they need a high involvement of domain experts and high dependency of developers.

- Other alternatives:
Show the other language workbenches, so the audience has options to choose.


- Recap of the whole talk.
Recap of all the topics of the discussion with a small description of each one.

- Invitation to try this technology.
Call to action to explore the industry of domain specific languages.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 10:30 to 11:05

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