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Pull Request, Mattermost and Bugzilla connectors, Tracker Query Language - the latest Tuleap big features

In the latest versions, Tuleap confirms its ALM strategy: providing tooling for all the software teams members: for developers, here are Git Pull Requests, for Project Leads, the Advanced Tracker Query Language, for Agile people, Mattermost Scrum reports.
This talk will explain you how to use these valuable features now available on the tuleap.eclipse.org platform put at all Eclipse projects' disposal.

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Origins of @EclipseJavaIDE and developer-oriented marketing

The https://twitter.com/EclipseJavaIDE account has become a source of daily tips on the Eclipse IDE used by thousands of developers every day. Every month we get between 300'000-350'000 impressions through Twitter alone. That's progress from our days with 4 followers some months ago and shows this was missing.

Sopot Cela is the one taking care of its strategy and will take us into a journey of how it came to be, how it is managed every day and what its plans are.

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Ethics in Software

Software is impacting every area of our lives, and will be even more omnipresent in the future. We have seen during the last few years on many occasions how a small glitch can have unprecendented consequences, from data leaks to people being harmed. As software developers and members of a community, we have responsibilities towards our users, our fellow developers, and the world. In this talk we will consider the ethical implications of software development and production, why it is important, and how we can do it better for the world and for ourselves while still being pragmatic.

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A New Eclipse Public License

The Eclipse Foundation will be publishing a new version of the Eclipse Public License in 2017. This talk will explore:

  • Why was a new version necessary ?
  • What are the significant differences between the original and new versions?
  • What are the new features of the license that may matter to my project?
  • How can I apply the EPLv2 to my existing EPL-licensed project?


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Eclipse Charting Capabilities

What is more comprehensible: a table with tons of values or a chart? The answer depends on the point of view. The computer better "understands" the table. But we humans are very good when it comes to image recognition. Personally, I prefer the image too. Next question: Is a lightweight charting library available in the Eclipse ecosystem? Sure, solutions exist like Eclipse BIRT or the Eclipse Nebula visualization widgets.

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Blockchain, Ethereum and Business Applications

This session is geared towards an audience interested in blockchain technology that would like learn more with a hands-on approach.

First, some background on basic concepts as peer-to-peer networks, mining and distributed consens is provided. Then, smart contracts and the Solidity language are introduced and demonstrated using a local/private blockchain.

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