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CDT: Where are we? Where do we go from here?

The IDE world is changing rapidly. There are some strong new IDEs that try to support C++, but as much as I like them for other languages and platforms, they just can't compete with CDT at working with native (real native) code. However, at the same time, we realize that our lead won't last forever and we have to consider where we need to go next to remain competative.

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Software is made out of people

There are many technical aspects to keep in mind when developing and testing software: Functional correctness of the features, technical excellence of the code, robustness, performance, maintainability, ...
However there's also the "people" aspect of software development: People use the software and people create it as well.
In this talk I'll show why empathy is an important skill for testers to deal with both kinds of people.
In the first part of the talk you'll learn why usability matters and how personas can help to build features that match your users needs.

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