Tutorial: What every Eclipse developer should know about Angular

by Maximilian Koegel and Edgar Mueller

Interested in Angular? Maximilian Koegel and Edgar Mueller tell us more about their tutorial.

Many business applications nowadays have at least some web UI parts using server-side rendered, static HTML. With the latest dynamic HTML Javascript frameworks like React, Vue.js, or Ember.js, there is a continuous trend to implement these web front-ends as “single page” applications. While there is a lot of diversity in the JavaScript world, one framework that has become especially popular for business applications, is Angular. It allows you to extend HTML through dynamic behaviour and provides essential concepts for developing single page web applications.

While EclipseCon is primarily about Eclipse Technology, this tutorial is a chance to enhance your skills in addition to Eclipse. And, even though this tutorial is not directly about Eclipse technology, it is specifically geared towards Eclipse developers. Based on an example application, we explain basic concepts such as components and dependency injection - using terms and concepts from the Eclipse/Java ecosystem and relying on Eclipse-based tooling.

In the tutorial, we introduce Angular from scratch for Eclipse/Java developers. Iteratively, we apply our learning to hands-on exercises developing a web frontend to view and edit artists and their albums (see screenshot right).

Our target audience is explicitly Java and Eclipse developers with no or very limited previous experience with JavaScript, TypeScript, and Angular. While 3 hours is certainly not enough to become an expert on Angular, our goal is rather to provide a decent overview and basic understanding of Angular.

Angular example

If you would like to join us, when you register for EclipseCon Europe sign up for the tutorial What every Eclipse developer should know about Angular. See you in Ludwigsburg!

Maximilian and Edgar



Maximilian Koegel

Maximilian Koegel is deeply involved with the Eclipse community. He is a project lead (EMFStore, EMF Client Platform, Edapt) and a committer on several projects, and serves on the Eclipse Architecture Council. Maximilian is general manager of EclipseSource Munich (http://eclipsesource.com/munich), where he is focused on pragmatic modeling and web applications. He has a strong research background, with a PhD on the topic of model versioning, and teaches Eclipse and open-source technology to university students.

Edgar Mueller

Edgar Mueller is a Software Engineer at EclipseSource Munich (http://eclipsesource.com/munich/). He has many years of experience with Eclipse RCP, EMF and EMFForms and is the project lead of EMFStore (http://emfstore.org). Edgar likes to work on various open source projects such as JSONForms (http://jsonforms.io) or Play JSON Schema Validator (https://github.com/eclipsesource/play-json-schema-validator) where he is involved with technologies such as Javascript, Angular, JSON, JSON Schema, Play and Scala.


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